CBD Oil Produces Promising Results as a Treatment for Melanoma

CBD Oil Produces Promising Results as a Treatment for Melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that results from exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It can affect the eyes, skin, and occasionally expands to internal organs. As is suggested by its name, this type of cancer begins in the melanocyte cells, which produces the melanin that gives your eye, skin, and hair their color. Melanoma is considered one of the most serious forms of skin cancer. Fortunately, hemp oil has been shown to be an effective, affordable treatment for melanoma.

Hemp oil is becoming a common melanoma treatment. Studies and anecdotal evidence are mounting up that demonstrate its effectiveness as a treatment for melanoma and other forms of cancer. Plus, it is able to achieve this in more ways that other treatments can.

Advantages of CBD Oil over Other Treatments

The most widely used conventional method of treating melanoma is surgery. The procedure involves the removal of affected skin tissues to prevent the cancer from spreading. Surgery is most effective when done during the initial stages of cancer growth. When the condition has already spread to wider areas of the body, surgery becomes ineffective as a treatment.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are two other common treatments for melanoma. The downside to these treatments is that they both come with many side effects that include fatigue, hair loss, headache, fever, chills, and muscle aches.

Unlike these or other conventional melanoma treatments, hemp oil has very few side effects when taken as a treatment. There also is the added benefit that there is no risk of overdose.

CBD Oil Treats Melanoma on Three Fronts

Surgery and other conventional treatment methods work to kill cancer cells, but hemp oil treats melanoma on three separate fronts. The CBD in the oil works to kill cancerous cells, manages the pain and inflammation caused by the cancer, and provides a boost to the immune system to enable the body to more effectively fight the cancer itself.

CBD Oil has the Ability to Prevent the Formation of Melanoma

You do not need to wait until Melanoma has developed on your skin. You can start using hemp oil now as a dietary supplement to help prevent the formation of the cancer. It is able to be ingested or used topically in the form of a beauty product to provide a boost to your immune system. This helps to keep cancer at bay, and also improves your overall health.

Most hemp oil products contain either no THC or only trace amounts. Others do contain this cannabinoid, which is helpful for helping cancer patients manage pain and other symptoms. The use of those products should be done within the framework of your state’s laws and by the advice of your doctor.

While hemp oil containing CBD is legal in nearly every state, hemp oil containing THC isn’t. In many of the states that have made it legal for use, a doctor’s prescription is required before you can purchase it. In most cases, hemp oil containing CBD, but which is devoid of THC, remains an effective treatment for melanoma cancer though.

As acceptance of hemp oil as an alternative treatment for melanoma cancer continues to grow, more people will be able to experience all the benefits that its use provides. Used as a preventative measure, hemp oil has to potential to reduce the numbers of people that are stricken with this form of cancer every year.

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